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Post #50 Geocaching (treasure all around you!)

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Post #50 Geocaching (treasure all around you!)

Post by caseyoriordan on Wed Oct 14, 2009 1:10 am

I've fallen way behind in my posting but I promise to catch up soon...
my newest post is about geocaching.
Geocaching is a sport where you are assigned a set of coordinates to look up on a GPS (Global Positioning Device) and try to find a box.
this box can be a small keychain with a compartment to a big tub. When you find the box, inside will be a log book. Everyone who finds this cache writes their name in the log book and the date they found it. Some caches have little items in them. Most items are little trinkets you can find at a dollar store or in your garage lying around. You can just put an item in or you can trade your item for an existing item in the box. Don't just take an item! Its not fun when you find a box that should have items that doesn't...
Go to
if you don't have a GPS you can enter the coordinate into and look at the satellite image of the cache... you wont be able to get a very good view but you'll get an idea of where to look..
have fun and go find some caches
I found 324 caches within 5 miles of my house!!! have fun.

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